VS Code Extensions Overview

Overview Page Content Visual Studio Code Extensions Visual Studio Code (also known as VS Code) is a hugely popular, open source co….

Red Hat replaces Oracle as OpenJDK 8, OpenJDK 11 steward

Oracle has passed the baton of OpenJDK 8 and OpenJDK 11 to Red Hat to support and maintain these open source Java implementations. Red Hat’s OpenJDK work must ensure developers have tested and debugged platforms for applications.

Done Right, Cloud Native Culture Means Happier Java Developers

In this “golden age for developers,” you can use the same technology that any large organization can. Among the tools revealed at Oracle Code Rome were Managed Kubernetes to automate orchestration, and Micronaut and Helidon to build Java-based microservices.

Java Concurrency and Multithreading Tutorial

Java Concurrency refers to multithreading, concurrency and parallelism as handled in the Java language and platform. This Java Concurrency tutorial explains the basic benefits, costs, problems and solutions a decent Java developer ought to know about.

How to Test Logging in Java

Whether you are building microservices or monoliths, accurate and robust logging is a critical element in any application. Logging can give insight on how an application is being used and provide d…