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Join Payara engineers for an informative and practical webinar on the recent updates and enhancements to the Payara Platform in the last release (5.194), including:- Monitoring Console- MicroProfile 3.2 Support (including OpenTracing)- JDK 11 Support (production-ready) – Support for autoscaling Docker instances … and more!


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Talk – Devoxx Belgium 2019

Johan Vos Gluon Johan Vos started to work with Java in 1995. He was part of the Blackdown team, porting Java to Linux. His main fo….

Julemøte i kjent javaBin stil: Java and OpenJDK: disecting the ecosystem

Julemøte i kjent javaBin stil: Java and OpenJDK: disecting the ecosystem

Thursday, Dec 5, 2019, 5:30 PM

Pilestredet 56 Oslo, NO

45 Members Attending

Digger du pinnekjøtt og noe godt å drikke til? Da ønsker vi deg hjertelig velkommen til javaBins tradisjonelle julemøte på Teknologihuset torsdag 5. desember! (English below) I år skal vår egen Rafael Winterhalter, leder av programkomiteen til JavaZone, snakke om hvordan det står til med Java-økosystemet, de ulike OpenJDK distribusjonene og den nye…

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Keeping Up with Java

It seems like keeping up to date with Java nowadays is an enormous task. Gone is the era of big, delayed Java releases that span years. We’re now gett