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Talk – Devoxx UK

Spring Framework 6 and Spring Boot 3 imply a new baseline, bringing the Spring ecosystem in line with the needs of tomorrow’s workloads. A huge part of that is the new baselines of Jakarta EE and Java 17 and the new support for GraalVM native ima

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Community Day for Java Developers | EclipseCon 2023

Community Day for Java Developers at EclipseCon is a full day of expert talks, demos, and thought-provoking sessions focused on Java and on building enterprise applications using open source, vendor-neutral processes and technologies.

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Undertow Web Server Tutorial

The Undertow Java web server is an open source, minimalistic, high performance web server, which can run in embedded mode – which is very useful for web applications and web services.

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Crowdcast for JUGs Signup Sheet

Sheet1Sign up by adding your Event to the list. Make sure you are not choosing a time that conflicts with another entry in the list. First come, first served.Please follow the instruction shere to create your session and enjoy the service: