Java Weekly, Issue 339 | Baeldung

The Spring story on GraalVM is getting polish and Java 14 and even 15 features are getting some well-deserved attention. A solid week in the Java ecosystem. 

Java Weekly, Issue 344 | Baeldung

Java is moving so fast! Java 15 is about to be released and we have two exciting news about Java 16. Also, some interesting topics on Security and Cloud.

Java Weekly, Issue 340 | Baeldung

The Spring ecosystem is moving forward, with several major milestones. The Java language itself is also revisiting some core concepts as well. An interesting week.

Java Weekly, Issue 342 | Baeldung

Lots of interesting topics in a wide range of topics: JVM internals, JUnit 5 tricks, Spring Profiles, Ktor, Infrastructure Costs, and a lot more.