Ideas on how to hold a successful code hackathon

Is your company interested in code hackathons but unsure of how to plan one? Plan certain things — but be flexible — establish goals, encourage collaboration across teams and share results.

AWS ups Java support, joins Java Community Process

AWS has joined the Java Community Process (JCP) to have more direct influence over the future of the Java language as enterprises continue to move their Java workloads to the cloud. As a member of the JCP, Java’s governing body, AWS can help shape the evolution of Java.

Easier attribute management in Java EE

Last year, I’ve been tasked to design a course and teach it to students of the 3rd year of a higher-education school in Geneva. Though I’m a Spring fan, foundations of Spring’s Web MVC take their root in Java EE e.g. servlets and filters. For this reason, I created the course on Java EE. I started my career with Java and J2EE 1.3. By reading the documentation again, I learned a few things regarding the changes since that time. This post is dedicated to one of my findings: how

Quarkus: A quick-start guide to the Kubernetes-native Java stack

As immutable infrastructure was starting to hit its stride four or five years ago, one question Java developers were struggling with was: “How do my microservices have to be optimized in Linux container architecture like faster startup and smaller memory footprint?”