Don't ever put a non-Java LTS release into production

With the expedited Java release cadence in full swing, a non-Java LTS release put into production makes little to no sense. Don’t find yourself in an unsupported situation because updates are no longer available for older Java versions.

Java Pass-by-Value vs. Pass-by-Reference - HowToDoInJava

There has been a good amount of debate on whether “java is pass by value or pass by reference?”. Well, lets conclude it last time, Java is pass by value and not pass by reference. If it had been pass by reference, we should have been able to C like swapping of objects, but we …

High-Performance Java Persistence

The High-Performance Java Persistence training is aimed to level up your data access skills, covering JDBC, Hibernate, and many database essential topics for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL or PostgreSQL.