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Java SE 11: The Great Removal

Java SE 11 has been released, with fairly few minor new features. That’s not surprising as Java 11 receives long-term support in Oracle’s new release cadence, so its main purpose is to stabilize th…

Natural Language Processing with Java - Second Edition: Book Review and Interview

Natural Language Processing with Java – Second Edition book covers the Natural Language Processing (NLP) topic and various tools developers can use in their applications. Technologies discussed in the book include Apache OpenNLP and Stanford NLP. InfoQ spoke with co-author Richard Reese about the book and how NLP can be used in enterprise applications.

From Monoliths to Pragmatic Microservices with Java EE

Java EE maybe isn’t the first thing we think of when talking about Microservices, but it’s invaluable for building maintainable and long living applications based on the Microservices architecture. MicroProfile complements Java EE that make Microservices even simpler and more productive.