How to write a (toy) JVM

Exploring JVM specification and trying to write a little code to interpret a Java class like a real JVM.

Quarkus goes GA, gains Red Hat Runtimes support

Red Hat has made its Quarkus Java on Kubernetes development framework generally available as part of its Red Hat Runtimes collection of supported frameworks for building cloud-native applications. Quarkus helps overcome some of the shortcomings Java faces in developing for the cloud.

Java Weekly, Issue 335 | Baeldung

An in-depth review of Apache Arrow’s in-memory data format for fast, machine-to-machine transfer of big data, and a migration guide for Spring Data JDBC 2.0.

Compare these top 6 Java IDEs for development

Tired of your Java integrated development environment? The top Java IDE is really in the eyes of the developer. Compare these six options, including Eclipse, NetBeans and IntelliJ to find the right match for your app type.

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Are you preparing for Spring Professional certification?It's actually a good certification to acquire this time to add another feature to your colorful…