Quarkus goes GA, gains Red Hat Runtimes support

Red Hat has made its Quarkus Java on Kubernetes development framework generally available as part of its Red Hat Runtimes collection of supported frameworks for building cloud-native applications. Quarkus helps overcome some of the shortcomings Java faces in developing for the cloud.

JetBrains Technology Day for Java

Join us on July 10, 2020, for JetBrains Technology Day for Java, a free virtual event. Industry leaders will present on a range of topics to help you boost your skills and creativity. The agenda includes talks on Modern Java, Frameworks, Testing, Concurrent Garbage Collectors, Contributing to OSS, and much more.

Java Feature Spotlight: Sealed Classes

The release of Java SE 15 in Sept 2020 will introduce “sealed classes” (JEP 360) as a preview feature. A sealed class is a class or interface which restricts which other classes or interfaces may extend it. Sealed classes, like enums, capture alternatives in domain models, allowing programmers and compilers to reason about exhaustiveness.