Java Weekly, Issue 355 | Baeldung

Project Panama delivers, Dockerizing Java applications, EFK stack for logging, a little about queuing theory, and COBOL ain’t gonna go anytime soon.

Seven perilous pitfalls to avoid with Java | DevNation Tech Talk

Developers and security: It’s a lot more than just turning on SSL. In this session we’re going to learn to think differently about designing and coding in Java so that the application is less open to being attacked and (bonus) is often of higher quality. This talk will cover seven types of development issues that can get your application into trouble. With code examples (of course), we’ll explore a series of common code pitfalls and explain how to design and code differently. There is much to learn when creating a secure application – take your first steps here.

Quantum Computing for Developers

Quantum computing is on the horizon, ready to impact everything from scientific research to encryption and security. But you don’t need a physics degree to get started in quantum computing. Quantum Computing for Developers shows you how to leverage your existing Java skills into writing your first quantum software so you’re ready for the revolution.