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An Introduction to Kotlin for Serverside Java Developers

Kotlin is one of the newer languages on the JVM from JetBrains, the makers of IntelliJ. It is a statically typed language which aims to provide a blend of OO and FP programming styles. Kotlin compiler creates bytecode compatible with the JVM, allowing it to run on the JVM and interoperate with existing libraries. We present the main features that might appeal to Java developers.

Oracle Introduces Helidon - A Lightweight Java Microservices Framework

Oracle recently introduced a new open-source framework, Project Helidon, a collection of Java libraries designed for creating microservices-based applications. Helidon joins the MicroProfile family and implements the MicroProfile 1.1 specification. Dmitry Kornilov, senior software development manager at Oracle, spoke to infoQ about this new project.

Payara Micro

Payara Micro is the open source, lightweight middleware platform of choice for containerized Java EE (Jakarta EE) microservices deployments. 

Free eBook from Packt: Learning RxJava

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