SOLID Principles in Java, address dependencies and tight coupling. Create a set of well designed and written classes so you can speed up the coding process! :rocket:

Java Containerization - Dzone Refcardz

This Refcard focuses on the design, deployment, service discovery, and management of Java applications on the open-source project called Docker so that you can get your Java application up and running inside a Docker-deployed Linux container. Expand your knowledge with extensive code snippets, informative diagrams, and workflow tips.

Payara Platform Roadmap for 2019

Payara Platform Plans for 2019. After achieving so much last year we are really excited with the Payara Platform 2019 Roadmap. Key areas of focus include cloud, Microprofile, Jakarta EE, monitoring and performance.

Eclipse Releases MicroProfile 2.2 for Java Microservices

The Eclipse foundation recently released MicroProfile 2.2, helping developers to create microservices on top of EE 8. This release comes at the same time that Eclipse is taking over as steward of Java EE and rebranding it to Jakarta EE.

MicroProfile Community Launches MicroProfile Starter, a Web-Based Project Generator

The MicroProfile community has recently launched a beta release of MicroProfile Starter, a website that allows you to create, configure and download a new automatically generated project. Users can specify the project’s coordinates (groupId and artifactId), which version of MicroProfile you’d like to use, your MicroProfile server, and a number of other project configuration options.