Hibernate - Vlad Mihalcea

Vlad Mihalcea is a Java Champion and Hibernate Developer Advocate and his Hibernate tutorial will teach you how to turn a data access layer that barely crawls into one that runs at warp speed.

A guide to accessing databases in Java

Developers can use this guide to discover, understand, and select the right Java library to access their database,like MySQL, Postgres, Oracle and all others.

JVM Ecosystem report 2018 - About your Platform and Application | Snyk

Welcome to the largest survey ever of Java developers. The data presented in the following report was taken from more than 10,200 questionnaires, covering JDK vendors, versions, IDEs, build tools, CI servers, Java EE versions, web frameworks, JVM languages, binary repositories, source code repositories, source code management and much more!

Installing Payara Server on Mac

This blog explains the setup of Payara Server on MacOS systems and how you can define a specific JVM which will be used to run the server.