JMetro Version 5 Released

Version 5 of Java, JavaFX theme JMetro, has just been released.Here’s what’s new in this version…

Java Weekly, Issue 258 | Baeldung

A great week in the Java and Spring ecosystems, with three new Spring Boot releases, and a nice review of Spring Bean scopes and how they impact thread safety.

Static analysis of Java via the Checkstyle plugin for Eclipse

In this step-by-step tutorial, we showed developers how to install the Checkstyle plugin for Eclipse. The plugin lets them take advantage of static code analysis integration in the early stages of the software development lifecycle.

Is it a mistake to teach Java as a first programming language?

Given its tendency toward verbosity and strict syntax, it might not be the best idea to teach Java as an introductory programming language. Accessible alternatives to Java — like Python — exist and offer rookie programmers a simpler standard upon which to lay their foundation.

Create a User Interface with JSF

JSF is a component oriented MVC (Model View Controller) framework that’s a part of Java EE. It comes with a small set of basic components (widgets), a templating engine, and facilities for converting and validating input. JSF strongly builds on other APIs in Java EE.