Jakarta EE 9 - 2019 Outlook

Payara is going to adopt the newly re-released Jakarta versions of many of the Java EE and GlassFish components. For some components, such as the JASPIC and JTA APIs, this will be relatively straightforward. For others such as Mojarra we’d first need to re-align our patched version with the upstream Jakarta version.

Discovering JNoSQL

JNoSQL is an Eclipse project which, according to its definition: “is a Java framework that streamlines the integration of Java applications with NoSQL databases. It defines a set of APIs to i…

QRebel evaluation handbook | Rogue Wave

QRebel is designed to find, diagnose, and fix performance issues in your development and testing environments. QRebel compares different builds or versions of your application to detect regressions, making them easier and cheaper to fix in your development environment.The handbook guides you through the evaluation of QRebel. You’ll learn about key product concepts and the steps necessary for a successful evaluation.

How much faster is Java 11?

Java 11 was released some time ago, although the majority of developers stay on Java 8.Let’s see which one of them is faster for OptaPlanner. The best way to find out isof course running OptaPlanner benchmarks.This article is a follow up on our similar article for Java 8.Benchmark methodologyTo run…


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