MicroProfile Starter Launched

MicroProfile Starter lets you get started with a Microprofile-based application on any of the implementations while generating code examples. You can learn the features of the specifications quickly.

Lies, darn lies and sampling bias

Sampling profiling is very powerful technique widely used across various platforms for identifying hot code (execution bottlenecks). …

creating a slope in Java

Im trying to create a slope in java. I can use the DrawLine function and it’ll create a perfect one but I dont want to use that but rather create my own function for it. The problem is that it has …

Java 12 String API Updates

Following the unexpected success of my previous article about Java 11 String API, time to have a look at new API methods coming to String…

Helidon V1 Brings API Stability and MicroProfile 1.2 Support

Oracle has released version 1.0 of Project Helidon, an open-source collection of Java libraries to build microservices, with greater API stability than beta versions and support for the MicroProfile 1.2 spec. Helidon comes in two programming models: Helidon SE and Helidon MP.